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Butlers Equine Sooth and Repel Ointment - 250ml

Butlers Equine Sooth and Repel Ointment - 250ml


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Developed as a total care product, Butlers Soothe & Protect uses a special blend of Essential Oils to provide a safe, effective and nourishing cream for your horse. It not only repels flying insects but also assists in the elimination of fly larvae at the egg stage (Bott), treating allergic reactions to fly & Insect bites, fungal infections & general skin irritations. Our cream contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties while it moisturises the skin. Trials have proven to be safe for all skin types including sensitive horses. Active Ingredients Emu Oil Citronella Oil (Essential) Neem Oil Tea Tree Oil (Lemon scented) Selected Essential Oils

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