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Horse Boots

Looking for the best protection for your horse, whilst giving them a bit of extra style?
 Our towelling boots are the perfect balance between breathability, protection and style.
All our towelling boots are proudly made right here in Australia from quality towelling, durable polyester straps and strong Velcro tabs, making them hard wearing and 100% machine washable!
 And for the best part?
Unlike most boots which are sold in sets of two, our towelling boots are sold in a full set of four, with a smaller pair for forelegs and a larger pair for hind legs.
If that's not functional and affordable, then we dont know what is!
Original vs Deluxe
Add a touch of luxury when you ride and bling it up with our Deluxe Towelling Boots or keep it subtle in the paddock or the arena with our Original Towelling Boots.